Colds and Flu

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Is it really possible to stay healthy during winter? The answer to this very relevant question is, of course, yes - it is possible. This treatment and prevention protocol uses the knowledge that I have gained from treating a wide variety of patients from every age group. I have seen…

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Great Cardiac Health

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Dark chocolate may lower your blood pressure And that’s not all it can contribute to! Several studies have, over the last few years, been examining the beneficial effects of polyphenols - found in fruit, vegetables, dark chocolate and beverages derived from plants (like red wine and tea). The secret to…

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You’ve heard people say that it’s good getting some exercise every now and then, well let me say this: Exercise is probably one of the most underrated strength building, emotionally soothing, bone density increasing, energy boosting, de-stressing treatments available! And it’s cheap. (The use of the word ‘treatment’ totally intentional)…

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Abnormal brain chemistry symptoms

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I get asked regularly what the symptoms of abnormal brain chemistry is. Here is a quick list of the most common symptoms of deficiency or excess of the most abundant neurochemicals. Low Serotonin Symptoms: Low self esteem Negative thinking Poor concentration Indecisiveness Procrastination Resistance to change Relationship driven High Dopamine…

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