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Is it really possible to stay healthy during winter?

The answer to this very relevant question is, of course, yes – it is possible.

This treatment and prevention protocol uses the knowledge that I have gained from treating a wide variety of patients from every age group. I have seen that it is possible to help entire families stay healthy during winter.

It is important, though, that you consult your healthcare professional and double check that all the supplements and the recommended dosages are safe for you.

STEP 1: Remove the stuff that is helping you to get sick!

No matter what people, magazines or textbooks say, bovine dairy is not a health promoting food! I’ve seen this over and over again, especially in children with upper respiratory tract disease who often end up using up to 7 courses of antibiotics in one winter and still do not get better. Only after removing diary from their diet and placing them on the right supplements do these sick children become better. Dairy is an allergen and it irritates the mucosal membranes of the respiratory tract. I would strongly advise anyone who wants to avoid colds and flu to avoid dairy as well.

The other baddie is sugar. Sugar is an immune suppressant and falls in the same category as dairy as a “best to avoid” food during winter (or the whole year for that matter!).


For dairy: Rice milk, soya milk, palm and potato milk, oat milk. Goat’s milk is fine for smaller children. Goat’s milk yoghurt and cheeses are acceptable substitutes for bovine dairy for a person of any age.
For calcium: Take enough raw fruits, raw vegetables and raw nuts to supplement calcium levels in your body in a healthy and effective way.
For sugar: Use Stevia (a natural sweetener). For non-diabetics you can also use honey or fructose.

STEP 2: Basic prevention tipsDrink adequate amounts of water (Dehydration decreases your defences against viruses)Wash your hands regularly and learn the habit of not touching your face (Viruses are transmitted through touching other people and then touching your own face)Exercise regularly (frequency rather than intensity)Maintain a healthy sleep pattern (6-8 hours per night)Learn to manage any stress in your life

STEP 3: Supplements
Components of the prevention & treatment protocol for adults and children:

1) Calcium Ascorbate powder (Buffered Vitamin C)
2) Olive leaf extract
3) Grapeseed extract (As general immune booster)
4) Colostrum

In the mentoring programme the exact dosages of the supplements in this protocol will be dealt with in detail.