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You’ve heard people say that it’s good getting some exercise every now and then, well let me say this: Exercise is probably one of the most underrated strength building, emotionally soothing, bone density increasing, energy boosting, de-stressing treatments available! And it’s cheap. (The use of the word ‘treatment’ totally intentional)

The reason that I prescribe exercise as such an important ‘treatment’ becomes clear when you look at the mammoth list of benefits that exercise offers to all the systems of the body and it should definitely be part of a healthy lifestyle! Herewith then a list of scientifically proven benefits of regular exercise that should get you psyched up to sweat it out.

1) Neurological

a) Reduced risk of having a stroke.
b) Reduced occurrence of headaches and migraines
c) Reduced risk of developing degenerative diseases like senility and Alzheimer’s

2) Cardiovascular

a) Reduced risk for heart disease
b) Treating and preventing hypertension (High blood pressure)
c) Lowering LDL cholesterol and raising HDL cholesterol
d) Lowering blood triglycerides or fats
e) Lowering the work load on the heart by a lowered heart rate in a fit individual

3) Muscular

a) Decreased incidence of neck pain and other muscular pains (Especially in woman)
b) Muscles have a higher level of oxygen delivery to them

4) Skeletal

a) Treatment and prevention of osteoporosis

5) Psychological

a) Proven stress relief
b) Proven support in the treatment of depression
c) Proven support in the treatment of ADD and ADHD in children

6) Immunity

a) Increased immunity in general
b) Increased protection against cancer like colon and breast cancer

7) Metabolic

a) Improved glucose control

..…and that’s just scratching the surface!

Erectile dysfunction

One other benefit that should really get your attention is the benefit of exercise for erectile dysfunction. Yep, that’s what I said, erectile dysfunction or as it’s also known, impotence!

Here’s the deal. In a recent two year study done at Cologne University Medical Centre in Germany, 104 men, who all had erectile dysfunction, were either given the popular drug Viagra (Sildenafil), a placebo drug (something looking like a pill but containing a non-active substance) or a course of exercise. The exercises were done 3x per week and focused on the buttocks, upper leg muscles through squatting exercises and pelvic and leg lifts.

The results? 80% of the men on the exercise course showed a marked improvement in erectile function, with 74% on sildenafil and 18% on the placebo drug. Thus it is safe to say that exercise is a good treatment and prevention for erectile dysfunction unless another underlying condition is present.

Now just wait a minute before starting a 4 hour daily murderous workout because that intensity exercise will probably make you susceptible to cold and flu viruses. (Very high intensity exercise can suppress your immunity) The best way is to start is gradually. Make exercise a regular ‘together activity’ in your schedule.

Go for it!

Dr Anton

In the mentoring programme Dr Anton will be dealing with how to protect yourself against viral illnesses. This is relevant information if you exercise regularly and don’t want to fall ill.